overtime tears


Croatia’s overtime goal brought tears to supporters on both sides.
England, you did us all proud. It’s been quite a ride.
Now on to Sunday’s final.

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  1. England should be SO proud of themselves with the best result in years and a young side who have played brilliantly and Croatia with their population of 4.1M …. what a fantastic achievement. Of course you know who I will be rooting for on Sunday (and on Saturday) but in the end the words of a Muscovite friend in an email this morning are the words that make me happiest …. he described how wonderful it has been to have so many people from different countries on the streets of Moscow and how delighted he is that those people have a chance to see that Russia is a good place and not what it is purported to be in the world’s press. I hope they will all spread the news that Russians love their children too 😊

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