a day of celebration and remembrance

On a day of celebration of the rescue of the Thai boy’s soccer team and their coach this little watercolor sketch of France’s only goal against Belgium today is dedicated to the memory of Samarn Kunan, the Thai navy Seal who lost his life, together with thanks to the brave and dedicated international team that saved them all.


  1. I shed too many tears yesterday – triumphant, gleeful goal scored by my team on their way to the final tears; relieved, elated, in awe of the team work that rescued all those boys and their coach, imagining what on earth the hell on earth and fear for them all and for those that love them was like tears and tears of sorrow for the one who made the greatest sacrifice and his family and loved ones who are bereft in a sea of celebration. This is a wonderful tribute. I would expect nothing less from you, Andrew 😊

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