Italy Day Nine: Tiramisu

After a week exploring the beauty that is Tuscany day nine of our Italian holiday was a wonderful cooking class with Serena in her lovely home in Gambassi Terme. I had been looking forward to this all week, particularly as we were enjoying Tiramisu desserts everywhere we went. Now we were going to learn how to make it together with so many other delicious dishes. If anything justifies the term transformation it’s converting mascarpone cheese, eggs, biscotti, sugar and vinsanto wine into a dessert to die for.

The class was a great success as you can see and lunch with the products of our hard labour! was simply delicious. Grazie molto to Serena of Serena Tuscan Holidays who made it all possible, both for the cooking class and for arranging the lovely country home where we stayed with our dear friends who shared the adventure with us. A special thank you to them also for such happy memories.

I should add that the cooking class was such a great success that before leaving England for Vancouver we made Tiramisu for our farewell dinner and all I can say is that I think Serena would have been very proud of us. Β The blueberries were our embellishment and one that I can highly recommend.

The photos for the cooking class were previously posted on October 20th on my Instagram site.


  1. Tiramisu are my husband’s favorite dessert and he makes a point of tasting them in every single ITalian we visit. I bet yours would be on his top 3 πŸ™‚ Looks just perfect to me, with an espresso per favore !

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      1. Tell you what, I am going to do it TODAY. Too much pollution to do anything, and we are even advised not to cook ! So this one comes right at the perfect time .. Resilient we are πŸ™‚

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      1. I actually did, Andrew! I have recently discovered my perfect little Italian cafe and I knew they always have tiramisu in the pudding fridge…. I think it amused them that I was suddenly scoffing dessert instead of my usual sombre black coffee sipped in dark glasses and an air of mystery (in my head, at least) πŸ˜†

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