WPC: Half-Light 2 continued…

I thought I would add a follow up to yesterday’s post, inspired by The Lady of the Camellias for the photo challenge Half-Light, as these camellias are just too spectacular not to share.

camellia v

“The theme of The Lady of the Camellias is a love story between Marguerite Gautier, a “demi-mondaine” (“courtisane” in the original French, i.e., a woman “kept” by various lovers, frequently more than one at a time) suffering from tuberculosis, and a young provincial bourgeois, Armand Duval. The narration of the love story is told by Duval himself to the (unnamed) narrator of the book. She is named as the Lady of the Camellias because she wears a white camellia when she is available to her lover(s) and a red one when her delicate condition precludes making love.”   Wikepedia

camellia iii


  1. gorgeous camellias Andrew! I think the white is my favorite, but… the centre of the red one is quite compelling a design. Very lovely 🙂
    I do miss these, we had them in Sydney, but its just way too hot here.

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