Day: March 6, 2016

a little MOZ…ART


delete accents – acrylic on canvas 36″x 47″

Color harmony and tone come together with a little piece of Mozart.

The story of the painting, which I painted a few years ago, is worth re-telling. It began when I was attempting to master Mozart’s Piano Sonata in C, K 330, (without much success I might add). I had obtained a copy of the music in a music sale and as I struggled to learn it I became more and more intrigued by all of the marginalia written by whoever had been my predecessor. I particularly enjoyed, and could relate to, the note written presumably by his or her music teacher, “breathe”. You will find the small section I used for the painting at the top of the page.

Sonata K330

For the completeness of this week’s Photo Challenge I thought I would search for a recording of the Sonata and found one by Deutsche Grammophon of Vladimir Horowitz in 1986, which was recorded in Moscow.

Why not follow along with the music and enjoy the mastery of one of the greatest pianists who has ever lived.

A Little Mozart iii