Studio 365: Day 117

So here we are home again after ten memorable days filled with sights and sounds that had all of our senses tingling with excitement and anticipation each day. The studio is as I left it as you can see, except for two treasured additions to the picture. Can you spot them?

Day 106   Day 117

For Day 117 I thought I would post a few of our favorite moments from the trip, and yours I might add, to enjoy one more time and reflect on how fortunate and privileged we have felt, particularly at a time when others across the world are struggling to cope with so much devastation around them. We live in such a beautiful and yet often so cruel a natural world.

Thanks for joining us on our journey, which I hope you have all enjoyed vicariously, as much as we have enjoyed sharing it with you each day.

Day 117 ii

Our welcome home sunset tonight reflected in the waters of English Bay.


  1. I love Spot the differences! This is a good one. I’m guessing you don’t want spoilers in your replies but I really want to write them:)
    On a much sadder note, it is amazing how beautiful yet destructive Mother Nature can be. We must always remember to respect her and do what we can for those people that suffer in her wake.
    So glad to have you home safe and sound Andrew.

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    1. Thanks Tracy. It’s good to be back safely after an amazing ten days. Sounds like you’ve found Waldo. Yes indeed Mother Nature spares no-one when she is so destructive. As my late mother would always remind us “Count your blessings”. Look forward to seeing you soon.

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  2. Oh what fun and I’ve found Wally as we call him in England or rather I’ve found Wallies. I have a friend who looks just like him – I got him a lifesized cut-out Wally when it was being thrown out at our local Waterstones about 20 years ago. He was polite about it outwardly! Anyway – welcome back to home and studio and thank you for sharing the amazig sights you have seen over the past ten days. I’ve loved the trip!

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  3. No I can’t…I’m sure one is the feather but I can’t see it….great pics…lovely to see your post each day. Keeps me connected…

    Luv u Jxx


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