purrfectly blissful spot for a catnap

Photography 101: Bliss – Ah, bliss. What does this word mean or look like to you?


What is your idea of bliss? Cheri asks. Well, I know what it is for Sunday. After over a year of blogging it’s the purrfect time to introduce you to a beloved member of the family. Sunday walked into our lives nine years ago, on a Sunday, and decided she was home. Tonight she looked so blissful in front of the fire, it was clearly a match. I Hope you agree.


  1. i love this. as i was scrolling down on the feed, i stopped at the fireplace. i was thinking…that’s beautiful contrast…then i scrolled further and saw the cat. so many great things about this shot!!

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  2. Sunday is a great name! Names are important; I’m not a “Fluffy, Blacky, Spotty” kind of person. lol I find it amazing they can zero in on just the right people they want to ‘belong’ to. hmm, rather they want to Own. 🙂 thanks for sharing Sunday’s Rescue story Andrew.

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