Blogging 201, Day Twelve: Give ‘Em What They Want, Part Two

Today’s assignment: create a poll and/or a survey to collect feedback from your readers on your site and its content.

A perfect and timely assignment since I have added a new menu item entitled Table Top Treasures.  Let me explain.  A number of my Weekly Photo Challenges have involved taking photos on our lovely glass table. Many of these have been well received and it seems the table is quite a hit.  I thought perhaps a separate page, or even perhaps a new blog site, devoted to the table top photos would be worth creating, and this seemed perfect for a poll or two.

The first poll asks for input on the page or blog title:

The second poll asks whether or not I should start a separate new title in the menu bar, or place the new page under Photography in the menu bar, or finally start a new blog completely, with perhaps its own Twitter page!!  So here’s the poll to help me decide:

I look forward to receiving your input, which will be greatly appreciated, as it always is.


  1. Hi – I enjoyed your polls and wanted to follow up with a tad bit more. First of all – the table top treasures is wonderful title. The 3 T’s just flow so well – and it leaves out little prep words (like of) and well, it is inviting and that ties me into the second pat – the page menu. as noted, the table top treasures is inviting and I would want to go there to browse – but if it were tucked away under the photography section, I likely would not read it ever. Well maybe I would if I had more time and one day felt led to peruse your archives – but usually when I follow someone – I look at their new posts and take it from there – which often leads me to their site and looking at a few pages – and so if it was its own page – I would likely go there first!

    Photography sounds so generic and I am saturated plenty – but seeing a “table top treasures” page – well that catches my interest and well, I think it would be a great page – 🙂

    lastly, a whole new blog – I can see why this was an idea, and it really could be an option. But I have found that people with too many blogs fatigue me – I do not know which one to follow – I feel like I am missing out on their other content – and well, I think all one blog with lots of pages lets us access everything with ease.

    okay, just wanted to chime in with that – and I am a very new follower of yours, but have enjoyed the bit I have been perusing. 🙂
    take care,


    1. Thanks so much Yvette for your thoughtful comments, which are very much appreciated. It’s not often that someone takes the time to give such a valuable and complete response. Lots to think about but I’m glad your ideas are the ones that I am favouring. With best wishes and thanks again. Andrew 🙂


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