Easter Monday Bouquet: April 21

April 21 ii

I thought I would post this Monday bouquet early for dear friends and followers across the other side of the world for whom Easter Monday is almost over.

Today’s Blogging 201 assignment is to integrate features to draw traffic to older content on our blogs. I have added a top posts and pages widget in my sidebar and a related posts feature at the end of the page with images.  Hope you like these additions. Let me know what you think.

 Happy Easter weekend  🙂    


  1. This is such a superb shot, Andrew. Yellow tulips are one of my favorite flowers, and I love how you capture the reflection in the table. And the very colorful background only adds to the wonderful spring Eastery feel of the photo. This just makes me smile!

    As for your changes, I do like them both. It’s nice to see the small images with the links as well – more compelling. In fact, there are a few I’ll be clicking right now 😀


  2. First of all, that photo is a real eye-catcher. It’s just beautiful. As for the changes you made in your blog, I feel like I should do the same. They are great ideas and I often wondered whether or not I should re-blog older posts. Now I won’t have to! Thanks.ts


  3. I like the abstract art background to the tulips because it is has the sort of randomness you might find if the tulips were shot in a garden. Your related posts on the bottom are lovely but the other changes you made don’t show up on my iPad. I have some Blogging 201 homework to catch up on!


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