Machu Picchu -5 Cusco


…This morning we toured Cuzco and its surrounding archeological sites with our guide Juan who has been with us these past four days. We began at the spring shrine of Tambo Machay at nearly 3800 meters, but with all of our training there was no cause for allama 🙂 A party of kindergarten children was also visiting and looked so smart in their uniforms. Next we visited the magnificent ceremonial centre of Sacsayhuaman thought to be a sanctuary and temple to the sun. I hope the photos do justice to this amazing site. We ended our morning tour in Cuzco with visits to the cathedral and finally Qoricancha at Santa Domingo, The Temple of the Sun. Tonight we meet the other members of our group who we will be hiking with. The hike is organize by Mountain Lodges of Peru and if you visit their website you will see a description of our next six days together with a map of the trail: I’m not sure how successful the blogging will be, but at least you will be able to follow our journey day by day. Hope to post again soon. Thanks for joining us…


  1. Hola,
    Mucha suerte en la Ruta salkantay with MLP. You can do it! The hot tub soaking at the end of each day will be well earned.


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