Machu Picchu -9 Lima


…After a good night’s sleep and a king’s breakfast we’re off to explore this historic city founded in 1535 and formally known as the City of Kings. We are looking forward to visiting the Inca market, Government Palace, Cathedral, Archbishop’s Palace and City Hall. The XVII century church and cloister of San Francisco with its catacombs will be a highlight, particularly having visited the Basilica di San Francesco in Assissi a few years ago. We also hope to visit the Larco Museum to see its incredible collection of Peruvian and Pre-columbian art. Apparently the collection is famed for its erotic pottery, which on a G-rated blog I won’t be posting. You’ll just have to use your imagination! Finally we will visit the ruins at Huaca Pucllana where we plan to have dinner. Better hurry, lots to see…

What a day! I think we did it all. Up early at 5:30 for our flight to Cusco. Join us…


  1. Well so far a pretty gastronomic trip! I knew you weren’t doing it the ‘hard’ way but…. Might find it tough going the further up you climb!!!xx


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