the wrong road



After yesterday’s right road all I can feel today is an overwhelming sense of sadness and despair as we remember beautiful little five year old Taliyah Marsman, whose body was found by the road yesterday, and her mother both murdered in Calgary this week, together with all of the other children murdered with their parents in Nice yesterday, including eleven year old Brodie Copeland and his father Sean from Texas, mown down with so many others on the Promenade des Anglais.  We remember them all with a heavy heart, and once again express our sympathy and solidarity with the people of France together with all of the families around the world who may be grieving today .

There are no more words except,

Je suis…un homme qui pleure aujourd’hui.

I am Orlando


Last year I was Charlie and then Paris, today I am Orlando, and once again find myself needing to express my solidarity and sympathy through the best way I know how with all those mourning today in Orlando, in the United States and around the world and particularly with all those in the LGBT community.

Snapshots and Solidarity

Discover Challenge: Snapshots: Tell a broad story using a series of short, focused scenes.

For this week’s Discover Challenge Michelle invites those of us who are visual artists to “share a series of photos or sketches that focus on different details of a larger scene and to “Take us on a journey, one small scene at a time.” These few sketches were made one innocent warm summer’s day watching a majestic heron slowly wading through the shallow waters of the shore line of English Bay, Vancouver. Today however, a day that is anything but innocent, my thoughts are very much with the people of Belgium.


JeSuisBelge et JeSuisBruxelles aujourd’hui.