WPC: Transient

Depicting a state of impermanence.

I couldn’t resist re-visiting my photos of the Mirroir d’Eau in Bordeaux for this week’s Photo Challenge: Transient, where every few minutes the scene changes as the 2 cms of water that create the largest reflecting pool in the world drain away to expose its granite floor…

…before returning again to the delight of adults and children alike.

You can see more of this magical World Heritage Site in my post of December 2015

mirror ii

Mirroir d’Eau, Bordeaux, France.

From our memorable trip to South West France last October one more image to add to those that I posted last December on Day 335 of Studio 365 where you can read about this spectacular landscape architectural marvel, the largest reflection pool in the world and listed as a contemporary World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Studio 365: Day 335

Day 335 ii

Mirroir d’Eau I 1.12.15 Pen and Ink on Yupo paper

The Mirroir d’Eau is located across from Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux, France and at 3450 square metres is said to be the largest reflecting pool in the world. It was designed by the French landscape architects Claire and Michel Corajoud and the magic of its transition from artificial misting to a stunning mirror effect has earned it a listing as a contemporary World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It was certainly one of the highlights of our recent visit to this beautiful historic French city as you will have seen on Day 294 and here in these photos that inspired today’s pen and ink wash.

Day 335 iii     Day 335 iv

Day 335 v     Day 335 vi

Studio 365: Day 294

We spent our last day visiting Bordeaux. So much to see but too little time.

We definately need to come back.