the view is sunny


It may be cloudy today with a forecast of snow here in Vancouver
but the view as the week begins couldn’t be sunnier.

patience is a virtue


546 day XVI – First leaf of the day…

…a day on which the expression “patience is a virtue” could not be more meaningful.

looking up


546 day XV – First leaf of the day, and looking up with number 303 against a blue, blue sky.
No stopping the count here.

the count


546 day XIV – First leaf of the day for a count of 285…

…and celebrating the unsung heroes and heroines of the US Election who counted all through the night to ensure that each and every vote counts.

vote for change


546 day XIII – First leaf of the day.
Amazing how this leaf was red when I collected it and it turned blue overnight.

six of the best


Six of the best from yesterday in the Pacific Spirit Park with which to start the week, a week that may the most consequential for us all in a long time.

19 more leaves progress – Day IX – 215 leaves…and the pencils are getting shorter.

Today we learnt that separated children arriving from Central America are being expelled across the border to Mexico with no accompanying adults even though they may have no family there. This violates child welfare laws which require special protection for migrant children traveling alone and is being challenged by the American Civil Liberties Union. Thank heavens there are good people doing their best to make a difference in a sea of corruption.

19 new leaves


546…in progress – Day VIII – 196 leaves
Today Vice President Biden pledged that on his first day as the 46th President of the United States he will sign an executive order to create a federal task force to reunite the separated children.

Also today 3 French citizens were cruelly murdered in Nice and they are very much in our thoughts tonight as I send heartfelt condolences to their families and friends. 🇫🇷