Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was Another Good Day

As promised, our second unforgettable day visiting Antelope Canyon in Arizona. After the Lower Canyon with Ken’s Tours, posted on Friday for Cheri’s Weekly Photo Challenge, we didn’t think it could get any more spectacular. Well how wrong we were as you will see in today’s Mesh Gallery of photos from Upper Antelope Canyon originally posted on April 20th. I hope you enjoy them if you are visiting thechangingpalette for the first time, and for my wonderful followers I hope you agree that they are worthy of the re-post.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona – Part II

This was a never-to-be-forgotten day made even more special by our Navajo guide, Kim, from Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tours; thanks again Kim. The feather from a great horned owl found on our visit to Owl Canyon with her became the treasure of our trip and now takes pride of place in my studio back home.

Day 124 iv

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day

For this weeks Photo Challenge, Cheri created a Mesh gallery highlighting her glorious summer’s day along the US Pacific coast, and invited us to recount a similar memorable day of our own. I have chosen one from amongst many that was truly a day we shall never forget, our visit to Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona in April this year, which I originally posted on April 19th using the traditional WordPress gallery format. I thought for today’s challenge I would create a Mesh gallery for the first time, as Cheri has suggested, and would be interested in any feedback that compares and contrasts the two formats.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona – Part I

For the amateur photographer that I am the day was like having a buffet table full of delicious desserts all in one sitting and feeling overwhelmed by all the flavours that come one after another. Having seen so many photographs online of the Canyons that always seemed almost unreal in their beauty to find oneself finally walking through this amazing natural wonder words seemed to be insufficient to describe the feelings of awe and amazement. The following day we visited Upper Antelope Canyon, which I will post in a day or two.

Thanks to Cheri for inspiring us once again.

Studio 365: Day 118

Day 118 ii

The Treasured Feather

I suspect those of you who have been following our travels for the past ten days will not be surprised to see that this feather from a Great Horned Owl, the treasure of our journey, is today’s featured image now that we are back home. Our visit to Owl Canyon where we saw the owls sitting high above looking down at us from the red rock, was one of the most memorable moments of the trip.

For those of you visiting thechangingpalette for the first time I invite you to see more images from that remarkable day, and for my fellow travellers take another look and enjoy this most special of places once again:

I think this image also speaks to this week’s Photo Challenge: Motion. I hope you agree

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Real Early Birds this morning, up before sunrise to see the 180 degree curve in the Colorado River known as Horseshoe Bend in the early morning light. Another memorable moment to match yesterday’s unforgettable visit to Upper Antelope Canyon.

Studio 365: Day 110


A treasure in Owl Canyon

Who would have thought it could get any better, but today was another magical day with unforgettable visits to Owl, Rattlesnake and Upper Antelope Canyons. Here are a selection of more amazing images to share with you, and many thanks for all your comments and visits.

The feather from a great horned owl from our visit to Owl Canyon will indeed be the treasure of the trip. It will take pride of place in the studio back home and I can’t wait to use it for more pen and ink drawings.  I did ask our Navajo guide Kim, from Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tours, if I could keep the feather and she very graciously gave her permission. Thank you Kim for a day we will never forget.

Feather ii

On to Bryce Canyon tomorrow.

Studio 365: Day 109


Lower Antelope Canyon 19.4.15 What a day!


Hard to find the right words to describe this natural wonder so let me share my photos with you and let them do it for me.

Thank you to Ken’s Tours for an unforgettable day.


Upper Antelope Canyon tomorrow.

Studio 365: Day 108

En route from Scottsdale to Page we stopped off at Arcosanti…”an urban laboratory focused on innovative design, community, and environmental accountability.” to quote their home page. Enjoy the slideshow and visit their site to learn more about its history and the science or Arcology.

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Antelope Canyon tomorrow.