a happy reacquantance

A happy reacquaintance today with my painting on the ground floor of UBC Hospital, Vancouver, which I painted in 1987 when I was a member of staff of the Health Sciences Centre Hospital as it then was. My visit today brought back so many happy memories of this special place and of all the wonderful, dedicated staff that it was such a privilege to work with for over twenty years. We were family, committed to providing the best care for all of our patients 24/7. I think of them all often and say thank you to each and every one of them.


  1. Oh Andrew, that brought back a flood of memories! It was, indeed, a special place, one that could never be replicated. Forever grateful that this is where my career really began, and for the part you played in that. Hugs for you. Jo

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    1. Thanks for your lovely message Jo. Those were special days for us all and what a treat it was for me that we were colleagues together helping our patients on their oh so challenging journeys. Hugs back and hopefully we will be able to see each other some time this year. Much love from us both xo


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