mightier than the sword


666 Day XLII – The proverb states “the pen is mightier than the sword” but how about the pencil. As I sharpened mine at the beginning of each day to act as “weapons” against injustice they became shorter and shorter as you can see. The power of the simple act of drawing is worth celebrating, for a picture can indeed be worth a thousand words.

Tomorrow I look forward to attending a webinar by Physicians for Human Rights on the “Family Separation and Reunification Efforts.” These are the details for those of you interested in attending if you have the time.


Each leaf’s a child alone and scared
Taken from the ones that cared
Kidnapped by a soulless state
That wallows in its lies and hate.

How fortunate it is that in our times
Good people exist to fight these crimes
And work to bring back love and joy
To every precious girl and boy.


      1. I wish I could have joined. My job has been non-stop with so many ongoing changes to restrictions and operations. I hardly have a minute to spare which is why I’ve been posting so late at night. I hope it was an informative session?

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      2. It was a powerful hour with stories that broke your heart. The speakers are real heroes in this tragedy. Without their commitment to exposing the truth and dedication to the children we might never have known about what was happening to them. The webinar was recorded so I believe it is available on the The Physicians for Human Rights web site.


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