10 new leaves and a little Bach

666…in progress – Day XXXVII

10 more leaves today before the final 15 tomorrow.

Enjoy the beginning of my favorite cello suite, the prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite No 1 played by Mstislav Rostropovich together with a new over my shoulder video of the first leaf of the day.


  1. This musical piece is so pretty. They play this at the beginning of a Netflix show I watch–Chef’s Table, maybe? I love it but did not now what it was. Now I have to find the show and listen better. Thank you, Andrew!

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      1. my pleasure – and I hope you don’t mind – I just added a link to this post of yours in my post on “white” – I added it in because it fit my theme but I thought a few others might really enjoy seeing your leaves series – what cool project –

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      1. Well maybe it is on my end – but the good news is that your post is all there and I can see why you like Bach segment so much – it was so nicely paired with the hand drawing

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  2. Love the video — so soothing and fun to watch you at work. Looking forward to the completion of the project tomorrow and the completion of this administration as well. Thank you for all the care and thought you’ve expressed through your art.

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