Oh Canada

I hope your Canada Day was as special as ours.

How lucky we are to be living in the greatest country on earth.

Happy Canada Day πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦


      1. I have felt quite unable to write anything that even begins to express how I feel – the helplessness, the horror, the disgust. As you know, I do not believe in the word can’t. We can and we will overturn this abhorrent policy. And I may well be deported when I start making a noise. Thank you though, for the happy wishes for today. It is a day for reflection on what made this country great, and how to achieve that greatness again. And by that I mean how to reinstate it’s humanity, it’s decency and it’s democracy.

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      2. I know you will use your words wisely, after all the pen is always mightier than he sword and this is definitely the time for the pen to reveal the truth as only the pen can.

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