peonies from heaven encore


What could be a better start to the weekend than these gorgeous peony blooms set against the bluest of skies this week.
Happy Friday.


    1. Thanks so much Na’ama. Your kind words are much appreciated. Congratulations on your great work and all your richly deserved honours and awards. You are clearly a changemaker and the young people you look after and treat are fortunate indeed to have you in their lives. I look forward to following you too. Best wishes for a lovely Sunday in NYC, a city we love to visit whenever we have the chance…Andrew

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      1. Aww… Thank you, Andrew! What a kind comment to leave! πŸ™‚ We each do what we can to change what we can as we can, and there are many ways to make a positive impact. Happy Sunday! (Yes, NYC is certainly a place to visit!)

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  1. A most blissful shot of my absolute favourite flowers (among so many favorites, you understand – in fact I can’t imagine any flower that I don’t love if honest) and that sky …. oh la la that rudely blue sky is begging to be stroked πŸ’•

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