I have interpreted this week’s Photo Challenge: Awakening the best way I know how by sharing the joy of spending time in the studio last weekend with my beautiful, creative granddaughter who shows us all so perfectly how a box of paints, a few brushes, paper and a little water can awaken the artist in all of us.









  1. In the final year of – what here would be called high school – I was required to take art classes to “balance” the subjects I wanted to specialise in to get into university. They gave us surplus plates from the cafeteria to use as palettes. I got into trouble when I observed that what I had on my palette looked more interesting than what had got onto the paper fixed to the easel.

    Your granddaughter seems to be doing better than I did.

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  2. Beautiful. I did the same thing with my granddaughter on Friday. I brought along some cut up paper, tape and stamps and she made her first collage piece. She added more detail with her crayons. Aren’t grandchildren the best?

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  3. gorgeous. of course! The last photo, fingers in the paints… priceless. And, her painting in that shot – I like it. love the white space around it, love the gorgeous swirl of blue and the black together. I’d frame that Andrew 🙂

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