sunrise sunset


“For this week’s photo challenge, explore the vibrant, hopeful colors of your favorite sunrise or sunset.”

Here are two of mine

Sunrise on the road to Vimy in northern France, 2012

Sunset over the Grand Canal in Venice, 2017


  1. Beyond stunning, both images …. the shot on the road to Vimy is particularly evocative when one understands what is ahead and imagines all those men in la Grande Guerre – those moments of blazing glory grace of the sun must surely have given them some succor.

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      1. It’s impossible not to be moved in Northern France …. to the East the carnage of la Grande Guerre and to the East Normandy and the horrors she entertained in WW2. Pictures like yours illustrate something that will never be erased …. the hope.

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  2. Sunrise: breathtakingly otherworldly; and your sunset, is so very fascinating – how you have chosen, to edit this.
    I like the repetitions going between the sky and the balcony… the pale streaming bands, ribbons of peach contrasting the sooty grey of sky and river. Sunrise. takes my breath away. 🙂

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      1. you’re welcome. yes, the programs are great tools helping, the artist articulate a bit more clearly. In a way, I now view these, as types of ‘brushes or knives,’ from which I have on hand to select from to paint/create with. They are ‘helpers’ not the ‘doer.’ Years ago I was told the use of such tools was cheating, and not to be used by a professional artist. I think that was a bit narrow in scope! lol cheers Debi

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      2. I agree. It all begins with an image that you create, whether drawing, painting, photography etc. The image then can go in a thousand different directions and all the tools can be real or virtual. I love your view of the programs as additional “brushes or knives”. Thanks for reassuring me I wasn’t cheating. Hope you had a lovely Easter 😊

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