“bears is sixpence extra”

Dedicated with thanks to the memory of Michael Bond who died yesterday aged 91 who brought, and continues to bring, so much pleasure to our family and to millions of families around the world with his stories of Paddington Bear whom he introduced to us in 1958 freshly arrived on Paddington Station from “darkest Peru”.

Enjoy the late Sir Michael Horden’s wonderful voice reading the first episode on BBC 1 in 1974


  1. I admit I cried when I heard. Listening to Michael Hordern who surely was the perfect narrator is the treat if the day. Mr Bond Sat in that exclusive club of people who will really never die because their work will surely never lose its appeal.

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  2. What a lovely tribute – I enjoyed watching the first episode, thank you! I came upon your website when looking for a copy of Tony Smibert’s “Landscapes from the Imagination” and was so pleased that I did.
    I’m also a fan of Deb Riley’s blog – such an inspiration. Tony is an artist I also aspire to – my wish is to attend one of his painting weeks in Tasmania, which you’d think would be easy living in Sydney Australia.
    I hope to become a follower of yours – thank you for a lovely blog.

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    1. Thanks for your lovely message Julie and welcome to The Changing Palette. Hope you can attend one of Tony Smibert’s painting weeks. Love to hear about it if you do. I agree, Debi’s blog is always inspiring. Best wishes to you…Andrew


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