From Yardwork to Artwork: The Photinia Story Part Four or How I Love my Schmutz Haken

It’s that time of year when as you can see yardwork has become a necessity once again with our photinia continuing to shed its leaves on a daily basis. You will recall how in Parts One, Two and Three last May the pruning and sweeping turned into an art project. A year later the story continues in Part Four today with a special shout out to my trusty Schmutz Haken…

…everyone should have one.


  1. turning the ordinary, dull things…..into works of art, beauty and energy.
    that. is what I’m talking about!!!
    all of these are charming and fresh, and so full of Life. 🙂

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  2. A schmutz hacken – I actually had to look it up and couldn’t believe it was a real thing!!! Only you could turn it into art Andrew. You should send your painting to the company. They might want to display it on their website (with photo credits of course!!)

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