1. great composition and crop with this Andrew. this one looks so good in the black frame, white matt! I enjoy looking into the image. seeing the lead ins, the shapes, the marks placed upon the paper. And, of course I love the technique of monoprint.
    It being Low Key, gives it an element of gloominess or storms arising – which adds tension into it.
    I really like this. ps, where…. is your signature on your art work Andrew? 🙂

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    1. Thanks Debi for your lovely and much appreciated critique. How lucky your students are to have you guiding and inspiring them; I feel just as fortunate as they must feel. As to the signature, I’m on it 🙂

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      1. my pleasure is in looking at your mini art gallery Andrew 🙂
        and, its rewarding when others discover the beauty that T h e y create. some are ready. some are not. Anyway, thank you for your continued generosity as well.

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