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For this week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post Krista asks us to share a photo that depicts our interpretation of “security.”

Given the events of the last 24 hours I hope you will allow me to become political today.

The photograph is of the entrance to the United Nations Building in New York, which I took in 1965 on my first visit to this greatest of cities as a young student visiting America for the first time.

Yesterday, like all of you, I saw the horrific images from the nerve gas attack on the people of the city of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province, northern Syria, images that will haunt me for many years to come. Children gasping for air, suffocating, and dying along with their family members in a war crime that is now imprinted on the minds of all of us. There are not enough words to express the anger, despair and sorrow that we all feel today as we express our deepest sympathy to all those who have suffered, and continue to suffer, from this atrocity.

This morning I watched the webcast of the 7915th meeting of the UN Security Council in which each member of the council made a statement concerning “The situation in the Middle East (Syria)” as the session was entitled. Watching the representatives and listening to their statements it felt as if we are living in an alternative universe and witnessing another moment in time in which truth, facts and reality never seemed more unattainable.

Two moments among many stood out. The first was the Russian delegate who claimed that the Nobel Peace Prize nominated White Helmets had staged the event implying that we were witnessing actors pretending to die and foam at the mouth. No commentary that I have read or heard so far has, as yet, condemned these words.

The second moment was Nikki Haley, the President of the Council and the US Representative, holding up two graphic photographs that I have blurred for obvious reasons, and asking the Russian representative to look at them. “How many more children have to die before Russia cares” she said. Her words were powerful and worth listening to. At the end of this post I have provided a link to the UN broadcast that I would encourage you to visit when you have the time.

Will there be a resolution to come from this. One doubts it, but we can only hope. Here is the link to the UN Council meeting.


  1. And the headline in the news feed today was all about Chelsea Clinton saying she was not going to run for President. This is how much anyone cares. I am appalled. Those poor people – they must have been terrified and those that were not gassed must be in hell. c

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  2. Alternative Universe it is … I can’t get assimilate the events as a reality. Or rather I can and that is why, in keeping with so many I am walking round with the feeling of being a clubbed seal on a frozen beach my senses annihilated in the onslaught of helpless emotions I feel in the aftermath of this despicable and senseless crime. Because make no mistake. It is a crime. To kill another human is a crime. To do it this way? The bile in my throat refuses to shift. Thank you Andrew. Thank you for managing to write a political post in such a calm and sensitive manner. I will share on FaceBook if you would not mind?

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  3. Good to read this post, Andrew! Indeed it’s an alternative universe these days. Donld Trump lifts the US guard from Asad and within days he ac ts on the license he was granted only for Trump to turn around and self righteously blame Obama and remove the direct responsibility for the part he played in it.

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  4. Thanks for this post too Andrew. I totally refuse that there is nothing to do, and this is driving me so sad and mad. The UN became so useless before the Russian, the whole system is to be reviewed. At least the minimum we can do at our own little level is to open our heart and our countries to the refugees. Just like your country does in such a warm way. Wish your prime minister could teach some humanity to his colleagues worldwide ..

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