London’s bridge of sighs today

Although we moved to Vancouver over forty years ago, part of my heart will always be in London where I was born and brought up. Today, a year to the day after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, that heart breaks again for all those who were killed and injured on Westminster Bridge and the Palace of Westminster, as I send my deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to all of their families and friends.

Earth has not anything to show more fair:
Dull would he be of soul who could pass by
A sight so touching in its majesty…

William Wordsworth   Composed upon Westminster Bridge, Sept. 3, 1802


  1. So senseless, so disheartening. I’m sorry, I couldn’t press the like button, Andrew. the hatred, rage and bullying. it all just eludes me – as it surely does you as well. Bridge of Sighs. Indeed.

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  2. Such a horrific attack. Only yesterday my husband and I were talking of the IRA attacks……….being caught on the tube during security alerts, being wary of parcels, my husband having warnings and fear all through growing up. It seems like one form of terror just replaces another and the victims are the innocent. Thoughts and prayers to all the victims, families, bystanders and emergency services.

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  3. A beautiful, appropriate and heartfelt tribute to the senseless loss yesterday. You know too well my thoughts on acts of violence and war … I can say no more – my throat is constricted and my tongue tied with fury and grief.

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