colourful closeups


Away for a special family celebration this weekend which is why after the recent snowy monochromes I thought I would put a little colour back on thechangingpalette with these colourful closeups of a few paintings that may be familiar to you.


      1. Sure, I might have seen them before. But, would I remember them? No reflection on your photography. I love it. More a reflection of my memory. 😌

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  1. Just what I need as I face tracking to our Maison Catastrophe which is unheated with a forecast of -10 (I know that’s paltry in Canadian terms but I promise you its very very cold here) to work the weekend chipping concrete off it’s 13th century stone walls. Colour will be welcome and I will close my eyes and imagine the walls beautifully decorated with Andrew Seal Art when we have finished. Actually I will repeat ‘when we have finished’ like a mantra because it seems entirely unattainable at the moment …. 😔


      1. my pleasure. it is difficult to draw from a wellspring, when its so close to being emptied.
        I do admire how you voice your concerns over the issues at hand. More of us need to do the same.


      2. you’re welcome. I do. I never, thought I would see the day that I would entertain the idea of creating art with a political purpose. Never.
        Until now. I’m not entirely certain that is a good thing. But. That is the way I feel.
        I want to thank you as well, Andrew.

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