a gift for a gift


The First Treasure

Back in September you will remember my pleasure at receiving The Gift of the Four Treasures from a special friend. My first ink painting using the gift I titled The First Treasure and today it was time to mat and frame it ready to give it to her as the gift that was promised.

gift-i     gift-iii

Wearing an old pair of black leather gloves to protect my hands as I cleaned the glass together with the anticipation of seeing the framed image hanging on the studio wall are part of a familiar and welcome ritual that I always look forward to.


With thirty new pristine mats ready to go, lots more framing to come.

P.S. For this week’s Discover Challenge: One, Two, Three, the challenge from Krista to photographers and artists is to create in sets of three, working in triptychs to capture a subject in evolution. I hope this triptych of the three photographs matting, framing, and hanging The First Treasure captures the spirit of the Krista’s challenge.


    1. Thanks Osyth for your lovely comment. Life is so full of ritual, so often without realizing it. I suspect you have some rituals in your writing before you are satisfied with the finished masterpiece 🙂

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      1. Too many! And that reminds me …. the whip cracker aka my husband has told me I have to finish the next book by Easter in order to have it printed and ready to go before the end of our time in Grenoble. I haven’t forgotten there is a first edition to be signed for you … 🙂

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      2. I published a book in 2015 but it had very limited French marketplace although it is written in English. If I have any copies left at home in France, I’ll let you know …. it’s available in French libraries all over our region which is not at all helpful!

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  1. What a stunning finished piece – it, is a treasure 🙂
    I love how you matted it, big and wide, giving the image depth and substance. The small, black frame is perfect. It looks lovely and your friend is going to Love it!
    There is something quite liberating, when you know you have several (30) matts and frames waiting.
    Beautiful post. Beautiful painting. Beautiful gift.

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    1. Thanks for your lovely comments Debi which are so very much appreciated. I think the gift must have magical properties as it simply inspired me with its beauty and history. Now the mats have arrived I am looking forward to choosing my favourites from the past year or two 🙂

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  2. Matting and framing a painting adds that finishing touch like no other, it’s part of the art, adding class and displaying the painting.
    Of course there at exceptions, such as children’s art taped on the fringe, that is a tradition that I hope continues.
    Your painting looks fabulous, Andrew.
    All the steps photographed were interesting to see, as well.

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