1. so sweet. your photos of your sweetheart girl always make me smile πŸ™‚ lovely drawing too !
    now…. its nearly time to get her to paint. Don’t you think?!
    (its messy, but you know you just have to do it Andrew! Use colored jello and colored pudding as the ‘paints’) take photos, and share. LOL

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  2. Oh the joy of tiny hands and fingers …. the strength of the grip of the newborn clinging to your clothes or your outstretched jumbo digit, the fascination the older baby has in examining and watching their own hands move and the absolute delight when they develop the skill to pick up crayons and make their own marks to display, put away and play back to them when they are grown! Delightful hands she has 😊


      1. Isn’t it strange? I spent so much of my life being frightfully afraid of the idea of being Granny and now much of what I crave is about being la belle mΓ¨re… I suppose I can pass it off as evolution of self but in reality I think it is more like prejudice of which I might be ashamed.

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  3. I see a part of a circle in the drawing, this is very advanced, when children learn to draw a circle it means they have grasped complex ideas but are not able to put them into words yet.

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