back to the beach

For this week Discover Challenge: Flâneur Krista asks us to “Observe your city, town, street, or patch of earth and report back — in your favorite medium.”

No surprise that the patches of earth that I love to feature on The Changing Palette, as you know, are here on Kitsilano Beach Park in Vancouver with views out to English Bay.


Yesterday’s morning walk at sunrise was rewarded with these glorious Fall colors in the park…


the silhouetted figures seen between the trees…


and the tankers illuminated out in the Bay.

flaneur-x        flaneur-xi

One final image from the walk you might recognize as I used for an eerie backdrop in my post for this weeks Photo Challenge: Transmogrify.


  1. I’m an incorrigible wimp so I prefer the backdrop without the scary red-eyed figure … your place is beautiful, enviably so and with the eye and skill of the artist you give it an appeal that surely beguiles the hardest of hearts and beckons to the restless to come and feast their senses for a while.

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      1. I’m absolutely dreading it! But I’ve bought candy and made toffee apples and carved a couple of pumpkins so hopefully the children will be kind to me 🎃 👻 🍭 🍎 💀

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