Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest

I have been struggling how best to respond to this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge from Cheri in which she asks, “what quest means to you.”

Initially I thought, somewhat philosophically, that I would explore trying to represent the quest we all have had at some point in our lives for “the meaning of life,” but this week watching the horror and tragedy in Aleppo becoming more desperate each day, and seeing the heartbreaking images of little children, the same age as my beautiful granddaughter who is fifteen months old today, being pulled from the rubble of their homes, it is clear that the meaning of life had ended for them before it had even had a chance to begin.


Watching on my laptop one of Jeremy Bowen’s reports from Syria, one image stood out as a metaphor for all the White Helmet volunteer relief workers, first responders and medics who have lost their lives in the name of peace and humanity trying to save these children and families. This ambulance had been pulverized in targeted bombing and on its side are the words HAS YOUR HEART DIED, and hidden behind the pillar I believe the words read ALONG WITH YOUR CHILDREN?

How else to express both outrage and sadness but with pen and brush, ink and paper, as I have done too many times before:



And so you ask what is my answer to Cheri’s question,”What does quest mean to you?”It is simply that one day those responsible for these war crimes will be held accountable and brought to justice.


Aleppo 25.9.16

Here is the link to Jeremy Bowen’s report from September 14th:

Syria ceasefire: Aleppo district “pulverized”

Dedicated to five-year-old Rawan Alowsh who was pulled alive by her pony tail from the rubble last Friday and sadly to the memory of her three sisters and one brother, who were all killed in the airstrike together with their father, Mohammad Alowsh, 28, and mother, 30-year-old Kefaeh.



  1. What a post Andrew, in so many ways.
    Quest: A search, as long as it takes… for a solution.
    – we are all put here to Protect – to Create, to nurture, to care for that which is in our hands.
    … how to instill this. how to keep it thus. What A Quest.
    I’ll never. understand. any who can press a button, trigger, device that unleashes harm to those who should be protected.
    Andrew, thank you for sharing your art, your thoughts, and your heart. It helps.

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  2. Thanks so much Debi for your words. I know we all share the same sense of helplessness seeing a return to the Dark Ages in our own lifetime. Seeing the suffering of the children is just so hard to bare.


  3. Estimates of the death toll for the war in Syria range from 292,815 to 470,000. 84 million people died in the Second World War. Isn’t it interesting how personal and immediate war can be in today’s information age, compared to what it was just 70 years ago.

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