Day: May 17, 2016


faceoff iii

Face-off – the photo.

The title of today’s post will soon become evident. Since this week’s Photo Challenge is all about faces it seemed appropriate to begin with this photo of my pencil box with the iconic portrait of Mono Lisa on its lid. It caught my eye as I was in the process of cleaning my white porcelain palette, still with its copse and rubbers image from a few days ago.

faceoff iv       palette face iv

palette face i       palette face iii

Seeing Mona Lisa looking at me in with those eyes that seem to follow you wherever you are, and clearly with this week’s Photo Challenge still in my mind, suddenly it seemed like a good idea to paint her onto the half cleaned tile.

faceoff i

faceoff ii

Face-off – the painting

Mission accomplished, time for her to go.

Face-off – the movie