One Four Challenge: Dec Wk 4 – Poll

onefour  onefour 2vi

onefour 3v  onefour 3

This has been an interesting four weeks experimenting with Photoshop Elements for Robyn’s One Four Challenge, as you can see. The original photo is of the skyline of Vancouver’s West End against the North Shore mountains as the sun was setting on December 1st. The first image was the result of pushing the Gaussian Blur to the limit with a surprising result. I then continued creating layers with differing degrees of colour saturation and lighting levels. I could have used a number of variations but chose these four. It will be interesting to see your favourite if you contribute to the poll.

I hope Santa was good to you 🙂


  1. Hello Andrew – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    I love the way you are playing this game 😜 Each image is so different and fun! Really like that you are pushing the boundaries and trying different things in PSE.
    The original is lovely and I voted for number 2 – it made me wonder 😃🎉🎈


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