Zig Zagging to Machu Picchu

zig zg ib
A year ago we zig-zagged for six days along the Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu…
zig zag vi
…exploring this archeological wonder on the seventh day…
zig zag iii
…climbing to the peak of Huayna picchu in the morning…
zig zag iv
…and the Sun Gate in the afternoon, with this spectacular view looking back.

An adventure to remember, worth every zig and every zag…

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  1. Andrew I love these photos and envy you! I’ve always wanted to see the view from the top of Machu Picchu but I’m so out of shape I may have to wait till they install an escalator!


    1. Thanks so much Nicole. We went last June and climbed to the Salkantay pass in a snow storm at 15000 feet. A never-to-be-forgotten day! The rest of the trek was perfect and, like you, loved every minute of our trip.


  2. Hands down, an absolute winner for the challenge! I’ve spent the most delightful ten minutes studying your photos, enjoying the slideshow, and admiring your adventuresome spirit in embarking on this trek! Thanks so much, Andrew, for sharing your trip. It looks wonderful!


    1. Thanks again Stacy for taking the time to write such great comments. It really was the trip of a lifetime that was every bit as wonderful as it looks; even trekking through the snowy Salkantay Pass. I thoroughly recommend it to you. Best wishes as always 🙂


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