Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections and Thanks

Cortona ii

A minor blogging celebration this week with over 200 fellow bloggers now following thechangingpalette.  By way of a thankyou to you all I thought I would re-post, as a final submission to this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge, my most favored photo since I started blogging last May.  It was taken early one summer’s evening from the Youth Hostel in Cortona, Italy and shows  the bells of the Chiesa del Torreone reflected in our bedroom window with Lake Trasimeno seen shimmering in the distance; a moment of pure magic.

This is also a moment to reflect on all the encouragement, support and inspiration that is to be found in the blogosphere and to which you all contribute in your own brilliant and unique ways.  Thanks again for making this journey such an enjoyable and enriching one.


  1. Congrats on over 200 followers Andrew and I do agree about the fabulous encouragement and support in our great online community.
    Love this image!!! So much going on.
    It really gives me a Matisse feel somehow. Perhaps its the window 🙂


  2. Great shot Andrew, I loved spotting these bell configurations while we were travelling around Italy. Well spotted on the reflection and I think a perfect entry for the photo challenge!


  3. I like this for for many things: it combines my two favourite colours – yellow and blue, the contrast and the reflection of the church and the sunset 🙂 And the whole reflection you made about it, both as a photo and as a blogger, was beautiful! Congrats!!


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