Travel theme: Silver

…Three shots, one unique building, one camera…

Las Vegas ii


Las Vegas i


Las Vegas iii


…The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, designed by Frank Gehry…

Ailsa’s weekly travel theme


  1. Wow! Amazing pictures! That building looks like it couldn’t even stay standing! I wonder what the offices inside look like!? What’s it like to have a window seat?


  2. Boy, this building is … different. One DOES have to wonder about the interior. For this challenge someone else posted a building by Frank Gehry, that one in Balboa. It certainly looks like the intended purpose of the building influenced his design.


  3. I thought I recognised the style. I love his buildings they are so organic feeling.
    The crumpled look just makes me smile…..and wonder what the inside looks like.
    He designed one of our Maggie’s Centres here in Dundee, Scotland!


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