Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

… early evening reflection of the bell tower of the Chiesa del Torreone in Cortona with Lake Trasimeno seen shimmering in the distance; a magical moment…


  1. Gorgeous!

    This was my husband’s view when he woke up in the mornings, for four years … 1958 — 1961!
    when he studied at Redemptorist seminary Saint Alfonso which is now the hotel Oasi.


  2. I just found you after you saw my blog and wanted to tell you that scrolling down your page, the colors of your images have just filled me with beauty and given me the most wonderful outlook. It’s like you brought the sun to me. And I love travel and landscapes and really appreciate those greens and that colorful palette, especially in this current cold and grey winter I’m in. So I’m going out for a walk (with the sun inside me)! Thank you! (:


    1. Thanks Michele. I love your comment as the landscape is always one of my favourite subjects to photograph. You have provided a wonderful definition of the word reflection, which could sometimes mean “looking at the landscape of the mind”. The outside landscape is the macrocosm and the inner the microcosm. Thank you. I hope I have your permission to use it.


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