Studio 365: Day 359

Day 129 vi

Palette Day 129 – May9th

May: After our amazing travels in April, studio time in May was all about expressing on canvas and paper the memories that were still fresh in my mind. My post on Day 135 brought them all together on the studio wall where they stayed for a day or two.

Day 135 vi

The evolution of the paintings of Bryce and Antelope Canyons at the centre of the wall can be seen on Day 129 and Day 133

Day 129 i       Day 133 ib

…and my treasured feather was featured on Day 126 when I wrote that I felt it had “magical properties”

Day 126 iii

For the rest of May it was all about Bella Italia as I re-visited my journal from 1999-2000 and left the canyons of Arizona and Utah for the beauty of our favourite country, Italy.

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Finally, perhaps my favourite image from the month posted on May 15 in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped, the treasured letters from my father to my mother a few weeks before their marriage in 1936, which I titled for obvious reasons my dearest sweetheart.


A special image full of love with which to wish you and your loved ones a very happy Xmas Day.

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