Studio 365: Day 355

January: As I started my 365 day challenge and the days moved from single to double figures I wondered if I could really achieve my goal of posting every day for a year. Now, looking back with amazement as it looks as though I might actually succeed, there have been so many days filled with happiness, joy and at times a real sense of achievement but also too many others filled with a weary sadness, days that have now become deeply embedded in our collective consciousness. The year was only seven days old when we all became Charlie, as I wrote on the studio floor on January 7th and on my palette four days later when the world showed its solidarity with the millions marching in Paris and France on January 11th:

Day 7 iv           Day 11 vii

I felt that the world stood still in sympathy and remembrance for a few days as we all collected our thoughts before moving on with our lives. I certainly did and was more determined than ever to ensure that my goal was met.  The studio became my sanctuary and as the year progressed I found I was creating more and more freely and often with surprising results.

Over the next few days I’ll revisit some of those creations, and there seem to be a surprising number of them.

Okanagan Falls was a perfect subject with which to begin the year reintroducing me as it did to my watercolors, acrylics, brushes, pens and inks.

Day 24 ii

This homage to my hero Henri Matisse I posted on January 24th in anticipation of our visit to New York to see the exhibition of his Cut-Outs at The Museum of Modern Art, which we almost didn’t make because of the severe winter weather on the East Coast. Although we had to cancel all of our bookings we were able to reschedule and New York, New York became the highlight of February, of which more tomorrow…


  1. Congratulations Andrews for nearing your goal – your determination, tenacity and creative successes were amazing to see. Thank you for sharing – I’ve enjoyed and marveled with each post.

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