Studio 365: Day 272

Day 272 vi

Grounds for Dismissal

Today’s image is created entirely with freshly brewed espresso and discarded espresso coffee grounds on watercolor paper, and is the first painting of a new art movement to be called Espressoism, a movement of which I am at present the first and I believe only member! You are very welcome to join of course with your own coffee masterpieces, which I very much look forward toย seeing.

Day 272 vย  ย Day 272 iv

Wishing you all a very happy #NationalCoffeeDay wherever you may be enjoying your morning, afternoon or evening cup of joe.

Day 272 ii

P.S. A great way to celebrate my 700th post – hard to believe!


  1. First of all congratulations on 700 posts (makes my pathetic less than 100 seem rather …. pathetic!) Expressoism is genius, pure and simple. I love it – well I would, wouldn’t I … wordy girlie that I am but I also absolutely love the final picture which somehow manages to evoke the best of Autumn for me and since we are past the Autumnal Equinox (I know that because it is my birthday) it is hugely and brilliantly appropriate!

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