Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon 2

…with a few more days of the Horizon challenge to go, and having enjoyed so many of your wonderful photos, a second posting seems to be in order. Here are a few more dramatic images from travels near and far, beginning with one of the Twelve Apostles seen from a beach just below Victoria’s Great Ocean Road in South Eastern Australia, one of the great drives of the world…
…and what horizon could be more iconic than one from my old home town showing The Houses of Parliament, The Thames, Westminster Bridge and the London Eye; pure magic…
…or a hill of stately cypresses leading up to an Umbrian villa outlined against a glorious Italian sky. I think we should open the Prosecco don’t you…
Burgundy ii
…or since we are now in Burgundy, and the harvest is over, perhaps we should be drinking a cool glass of Crémant de Bourgogne; mmmm delicious…
…one final stop before home to look in awe at Sedona’s majestic Cathedral Rock…
English Bay
…and so, home again to Vancouver’s English Bay with a sky that seems to have followed us all the way from The Great Ocean Road. I hope you have enjoyed these few global horizons, and I shall now continue to enjoy following yours. Now where did I put that bottle of Crémant?…


  1. Some great shots there, I like the last one with the sun streaming through the clouds. I can certainly remember all those ships in English Bay when I traveled through Vancouver.


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